Al DALHAM Oil & Gas - Water Treatment Projects

1. Building concrete tanks under and above ground level.
2. Execution of all types of foundations.
3. Building concrete structure
4. Execution of building facilities and finishing
5. Maintenance to existing structures, epoxy painting and chemical treatment for Acid and Alkaline services.
6. Treating concrete walls to prevent water leakage.

1. Installation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal pumps in a wide range of types, capacities and pressures.
2. Installation of steels, plastic, and coated pipes and tanks system in a wide range of diameters and pressures.
3. Installation and maintenance of other mechanical fittings like valves, measuring devices, sensors, others.
4. Erection reverses osmosis plants of all types.

1. Supply, eructation and maintenance of all power supplies and control panels (MCC).
2. Installation and maintenance of all types of motors.
3. Execution of all electrical connections and fittings.

1. Maintenance of all local control and measuring devices.
2. Erection and maintenance of pneumatic, electrical and elector magnetic
Control systems to pretreatment and reverse osmosis activities.
3. Erection and maintenance interlock and protection systems for all water treatment equipments.