Training Facility In Basra, Iraq
The US Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Division (USACE-GRD) contracted with DALHAM CO for a life support project for up to 2,000 Iraqi Police and Border Guards for a Joint Training Area (JTA) in Basra, Iraq.

This camp began in August of 2005 DALHAM COhas been able To provide everything necessary to run this facility in spite of The difficulties involved given the location and adverse climate.


Safety And Health Plan Program Environmental Protection
Anti-Terrorism And Force Protection (At/Fp) Contractor Personnel Requirements
Food Service Operations Academy Camp Maintenance
Hazardous Materials Protection Programs Waste Management
Vehicle Maintenance Stock Control And Warehousing
Office And Cleaning Supply Support Furniture Store
Class Room Store Publishing Support Warehouse
Vector Control IT Support
Deliverables Laundry And Sewing Services
MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation: e.g. satellite TV, movies, games, sports)
Facilities And Housing:
        Residential Areas
        Class Rooms
        Water Systems
        Electrical Systems
        Sewage Systems
        Bulk Fuel And Gas Station Services


Translators Task Orders
Security Dirt Berms (8" high) PA System for alerting Camp
Traffic and Other Signs Camp Security and Fire Protection
Computer Lab Weapons Training Range
Staff, outfit, and operate a Medical Clinic Build Army Training Area
Build Test & Evaluation center with Large Tents, Fence, Parking restrooms Mobilization of 400 Series Building
Badging Machine to Badge all students, faculty, contractors and visitors JTA Security Material and Services
Purchase and set-up Ablution Unit RO Plant Sand Filter Replacement
Monitor/Training JTA Security Forces Machine Gun and Guard Tower for Front Gate (British Consulate)


30 Modular buildings purchased, transported and installed from Iraqi and UAE Companies


250 employees/staff/security, and 2,000 border guards "in training" served daily
Multinational work force from 10 different countries
Four menus served daily