Al DALHAM Transportation - Shuttle Bus Services
DALHAM provides transportation management for situation needs, including consultation, design and operation of the complete transportation matrix. Our services include licensed and experienced drivers, dispatchers and on-site traffic co-coordinators.

We can provide various forms of ground transportation, including:
Luxury motor coaches
Limousines & sedans
15-20 passenger mini coaches
SUVs with drivers
25-45 Passengers Buses

A vision of a perfect intermodal passenger transport system is presented, as we can imagine it today. A range of modes is available, best suited to their specific tasks within the full system. Modes do not compete with each other, but serve as feeder and as backbone systems to form a well organized hierarchical network. Every region is consistently connected to this network by a system of rural and suburban transport services and high speed links between all major conglomerations.

The vision consists in defining what could be the future telemetric applications needed to help the operators in providing an ever better service to the travelers. We assume that the progress in equivalent "personal travel assistant", contactless smartcards etc. will be such as to allow their use in a large scale (cheap, easy to use).

Perceived safety of passengers is a major soft factor when discussing the attractiveness of public transport while actual security of both passengers, personnel and equipment is already of rather high standards.

The following text is a vision of technical systems improving both perceived safety of passengers as well as actual security of people and equipment in passenger transport services. This may not be in conformity with contemporary legislation on privacy and personal data protection as found in many member countries. The simplest and most effective measure to improve perceived safety - increasing presence of personnel Technical systems aiming to protect passengers from annoyance and criminal acts pivot at several points. They should limit access to transport facilities and vehicles to rightful users, detect, report and counteract immediately on any incident and discourage potential offenders by providing means to successfully prosecute any violation.

Access control to station buildings and platforms could be realised by automatic doors or gates opening for passengers with a valid documents only. For speed and performance of the transport system, access control needs to be contactless via some sort of automated communication with the passengers ID-card or other automated identification of a person (face / fingerprint identification). Access control vastly improves safety. In some places, like open bus stops or public parts of interchange terminals access control Automated surveillance of buildings and vehicles is required in addition to identify any incident, draw the attention of the personnel to the situation and immediately alert security forces or rescue squads. Operators need communication tools to talk to a victim at once. identifying unusual movements possibly in combination with sound analysis.