AL DALHAM Projects

No. Project Name Benefit
1 Supply the apparatus of recoding vibration degrees , balancing & rotation angle to the rotating equipments to Basrah power station Basrah managing council
2 Basra New Electrical Distribution Net. G.R.S
3 Construct Additional Electrical Grid Basrah managing council
4 Manufacturing following parts: quarter circle (1084 * 25mm) fan , rubber reinforced , gate (6 mm ) thick (100 pieces ) , base fine rack frame . Ministry Of Electricity
5 Manufacturing (288) small arms double. Ministry Of Electricity
6 Manufacturing the fine rack frame for the third filter , Basket screen . Ministry Of Electricity
7 Manufacturing the manger structure for the traveling screen system and manufacturing 120 isolating plate for the traveling screen system Ministry Of Electricity
8 Executed of project Basra Sewerage storm water channel cleaning. Mott MacDonald company.
9 Executed of project of sediments from Basra water scheawe sedimentation tanks in Abu-Sukhair . R.T.I
10 Working in the west Qurna and Naher bin Omer oil fields the project consist of casting the foundation for oil Rig and service roads for about 30 oil well to be drilled by the Syrian company ( Awlad AI-Akad). S.O.C
11 Construction of (28) safe concrete Rooms for the values of the strategic line. S.O.C
12 Construction of concrete support for south oil company pipe yard in North Rumaila. S.O.C
13 Establishment Housing unit in Basrah. Basra southern company.
14 Establishment warehouses Basrah southern Refinery.
15 Construction of water treatment stations in AL-Nasriya province AL-Nasriya province
16 Pavement vegetable work in Basrah Basrah
17 Rehabilitation 10 schools in Basrah , Nasriya and Muthana UN -Habitat
18 Supplying material for water treatment projects in Missan Missan province
19 Construction of sweetish system networks with pumping & pulling Al- Basrah refinery stations.
20 Covering constructions for oil transport stores & piping lining in Al- Basrah refinery stations. S.O.C

No. Project Name Benefit
21 Construction of soil embankment, roads, squares and oil drilling rigs for S.O.C. S.O.C
22 General concrete construction with iron and wood blocks. Basrah refineries
23 Construction of stones, covering, and painting in all Basrah refineries. S.O.C
24 Oil fuel station, Northern of Rumaila.  
25 Various civil construction UN Habit
26 Rehabilitation of nine schools during the Rehabilitation period Basrah Ports
27 Hammering of pre cast supports. Basrah refineries
28 Rehabilitation the oil loading of the fields and stages Basrah Sewerage
29 Establishment tanks in Al-Hartha S.O.C
30 Extended pipes between the main station and the fields station S.O.C
31 Establishment oil fuel station in Al-Burjisiya & Establishment of 3 km fence Roads & Bridges
32 Construction Amara embankment (all the earth fill works) Water & Sewage
33 Construct anew sewage path in Qala Saleh with a water collection basin and extend anew pipe line with diameter (315mm) in addition to manholes diameter (1.2m). Water & Sewage
34 Construction treatment unit with new sewage line in Alozair contains a collection basin capacity of (300m3) and two sedimentation basin with a capacity of (150m3) including ventilations pipes also extend new pipes diameter (500mm) with pipes diameter (315mm) and manholes diameter (1.2m). Water & Sewage
35 Extend anew sewage line in Al-kahla with diameter (315mm) and manholes (1.2m) then connect with a treatment unit (350m.L)and depths(1-3m). Water & Sewage
36 Extend new sewage line in Maysan province includes extension of a pipe length to (1000m)and diameter (600mm) in addition to pipes of (150m.L)also manholes with depth of (2.5m). Water & Sewage
37 Executions a new sewage line in (Ali Gharbi) include anew concrete basin (4x5x4m3) and supply and install sub mersible pumps and finally extension new pipes (L=1000m, dia=500mm, depth=2.4m). S.O.C
38 Construction of telecom Tower high {76 m ) G.R.S
39 Rehibilation the Al-Kahla Police center & directorate CPA
40 Rehabilitation of 4 petrol stations {mechanical, civil and electric work) S.O.C
41 Water pipe line (iron pipe 10) of 1,5 km with concrete mainhole Water & Sewage

No. Project Name Benefit
42 Installing main pumping station complete with pump motor, valves and control system at R.O Water & Sewage
43 Maintenance of 4 crude oil tanks (cleaning , plates ,piping repair ,sand ,blasting &painting) Water & Sewage
44 Construction interior air cooling system, supply & fix central air-conditioning with 3000 M.I air duct. S.O.C
45 Construction of �?28 inch crude oil pipe line / length 14,5 km.v G.R.S
46 Rehabilitation water station ( mechanical ,electrical, civil work ) supplying of material ( pump ,motor ,tanks , pipes, filter, cable , distribution electric boards). CPA
47 Construction (VCPS) in Qalat Salih North S.O.C
48 Rehabilitation of AlKahla Serious Crime Unite Water & Sewage
49 Supplying different electrical equipments to resolve the congesting in the HT & LT net . G.R.S
50 Supplying different electrical equipments to resolve the congesting in the HT & LT net . Amara Local council
51 Supplying & execute two lines (33 KVA ) type ( land tabular ) from qalat Saleh toward Al Kahla station Basrah managing
52 Supply & install cards & various spare parts to the crescent system that installed by (ABB ) to harttha power station council
53 Manufacturing the mechanical injecting interview circuit breaker Ministry Of Electricity
54 Manufacturing following parts: packing rank, Auxiliary contact ,Floor moving (132kv) fine rake frame , traveling screen , seal Plates , and flitter container with accessories . Ministry Of Electricity
55 Manufacturing following parts :Fixing plate with flaming conductors, coupling IDF , guide Bushing , coupling FDF , steal link plate (160 pieces ) , big arms (80 pieces ) Ministry Of Electricity
56 Supply & installation Al Nashwa Mobile substation Mott MacDonald company.

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