Water Projects - Sweet Water Canal Restoration: Pumping Stations 1 & 2 (PS1 & PS2)
Contract Title: Sweet Water Canal Restoration: Pumping Stations 1 & 2 (PS1 & PS2)

Contractor: ALDALHAM Co., IRAQ
Project Begin Date: 29/6/2004
Project End Date: 1/12/2004

Scope of Works:
The function of the two main pumping stations, PS1 and PS2 is to keep The flow of the canal running and stable. PS1 locates in Nassiriya. PS1 works included:-

1- Refurbish 17 electrical pumps and 6 diesel pumps, each with capacity of 3600 m3/h.
2- Supply and installation of electrical substation (33/11 kV) to improve the electrical situation in the station, including civil works for this new electrical substation.
3- Maintenance and repair works of the three electrical generators existed in PS1. Supply and installation of new MCC panels for all pumps with new distribution board.
4- All pipes check valves and valves to be refurbished.
5- Design, supply and installation of automatic screen for the inlet of the station. Beside all these items, rehabilitation works for the station is one of the main aspects of the work. PS2 locates in the midway between PS1 and the settling reservoir at Basrah.
Unfortunately, this station have no national electricity grid, all poles and electrical cables supplied to the station were looted after the last war. Works at PS2 including.
6- Refurbish of 19 existed pumps (14 electrical + 5 Diesel) with a capacity of 3600 m3/h.
7- Refurbish all pipes, check valves and valves existed.
8- Supply and installation of MCC panels for pumps, main distribution board and 11 kV switchgear.